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Baja New Boat Models

A fierce performer, Baja boats are legendary. A passionate beginning back in 1971 has grown to an extremely passionate group of followers today. Baja Outlaw boats still turn heads on and off the water. Today, the 24 Outlaw, 27 Outlaw and 36 Outlaw make dreamers into fanatical owners. See for yourself how we’ve made these legends tougher and stronger for today’s discerning performance boater.

The Evolution of Performance

Baja boats has been built on an evolution of performance, our very first model was something special. In a bold display of drive and determination, four owner/employees assembled the original design in an abandoned roller skating rink in 1971. What they lacked in resources, they made up for in motivation — a single-minded mission to build the finest performance boats in the world.

Over the next two years, Baja Boats was born, and a product line of 14- to 20-footers, including the classic CT 150 racing design, took shape.
We spent the next several years perfecting our nontraditional designs, further solidifying Baja’s styling and position as an innovator. The expansion of the line continued to include distinctively styled, world-class offshore boats like the 240 Sport and the 420 Sport.

Over four decades of mind-blowing innovation, and Baja continues to blaze new trails and redefine the category of performance boats. We call it the evolution of performance. Now strap yourself in and get ready for a revolution in performance. . .the next generation of Baja.